Holly loves the pairing of her gin with Two Keys Pink Grapefruit mixer! Why not send a mate (or yourself) this delicious cocktail in the post.

Holly's Gin & Pink Grapefruit Gift Box ðŸ§¡
Makes a double gin cocktail
*Garnish & Glass not included*

The kit includes:
1 x 5cl Holly's Gin (42% vol)

1 x 200ml Two Keys Pink Grapefruit Mixer 
1 x Holly's Perfect Serve Card 

Holly loves this super simple cocktail - it's like a Gin Paloma! Perfect if you don't like tonic or just fancy more of a citrussy cocktail. As Two Keys use real juice, not concentrates, this mixer tastes exactly like fresh pink grapefruit. It's naturally sweet and works beautifully with the citrus botanicals in Holly's Gin. To garnish, pop in a grapefruit slice. A delicious Gin Grapefruit Cocktail!

Holly's & Pink Grapefruit Gift Box